Major Predictions in recent years

Dr Francis Moore Astrological Data have successfully predicted some of the most influential events around the world for hundreds of years. The data has been focused on the affairs of Britain, some of the most major events include:

  • predicted “violent clashes in at least one British city” (August 2011)
    Uncontrolled violence and looting starting in Tottenham on August 7 spreads from London to other cities across the UK. (August)

  • predicted “a state of crisis in the United States” (June 2011)
    Debt crisis: full force of US downgrade is felt around the world. Barack Obama’s call for urgency fails to prop up shares.

  • predicted the Al Qaeda attack in New York, the Pentagon in Washington and the crashed jet out of Boston all happened on the East Coast in 2001. Click here to read more details.

  • predicted the death of Lady Diana in 1997 including the key areas of activity throughout that year with amazing accuracy. Click here to read more details.

  • predicted that Princess Elizabeth would become our Queen, despite the fact that at the time she was not then in line for succession.

  • predicted the start of the Second World War and the end of that war too, through a devastatingly powerful bomb. This bomb turned out to be the atomic bomb that ended the war in the month he predicted, when America dropped the bomb on Japan. Remember here that this bomb was the best-kept intelligence secret of the war and that Francis had no way of knowing about its existence.

  • predicted the abdication of King Edward VIII, something that was inconceivable to society at the time.

Other notable predictions throughout recent years include:

  • In 1982, predicted the Brighton bomb attack which occurred in 1984.
  • In 1987, predicted the property market collapse which occurred in 1989.
  • In 1988, predicted that Margaret Thatcher would quit politics which occurred in 1990.
  • In 1993, predicted the dramatic revelations from Diana which occurred in 1995.
  • In 1994, predicted the separation of Princess Diana which occurred was announced in September 1996.

Dr Francis Moore's Astrological Data also predicted the Communist Block collapse and that Germany would reunite.

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