About Dr Francis Moore

Dr Francis Moore was the Royal Appointed Astrologer and physician who served at the court of Charles II, his methodology has produced the most successful Astrological Data in the world for more than several hundred years. No other Astrologer can match his record of accurate prediction.

Dr Francis Moore published Vox Stellarum, which contains Astrological Observations and was the bestseller throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, selling as many as 107,000 copies in 1768.

His work has been focused on the affairs of Britain. Some of the most interesting successes through the 20th century included the prediction that Princess Elizabeth would become our Queen, despite the fact that at the time she was not then in line for succession. Later in the century he predicted the abdication of King Edward VIII - something that was inconceivable to society at the time. He predicted the start of the Second World War and the end of that war too - through a devastatingly powerful bomb. This bomb turned out to be the atomic bomb that ended the war in the month he predicted, when America dropped the bomb on Japan. Remember here that this bomb was the best-kept intelligence secret of the war and that Francis had no way of knowing about its existence.

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