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Welcome to Dr Francis Moore's website, Dr Francis Moore has been searching the skies for centuries now, and the timeless truths of astrology are as relevant to the lives of millions of people today as they ever were. Modern astrology is not seen as a case of each of us waiting around for the forces of the universe to drop good or bad fortune into our laps. On the contrary, it is a complex series of generally subtle changes that have more to do with the way we look at the world and react to it. Astrology gives us the opportunity to make the very best of whatever cosmological forces are acting upon us at any point in time.

This website has been compiled so that you can plan ahead to get the best from your Astrological Data; you don't need to wait to read about them on the day!

Picture the situation, you are on the train to work and you are all dressed down with nowhere planned to go, and your daily astral diary tells you that:

With the lunar high arriving, this is the ideal time to push yourself and to believe that you are anyone's idea of perfection. Now is the time to really take charge, this is the day to go out and meet people as you have the influential power to do so.

What a waste! If you'd known even yesterday, you might at least be better planned.

Dr Francis Moore identifies these Key Dates - weeks in advance, and he tells you what best to plan into them, so you get the most out of their active influences.

Six of Britain's most successful astrologers use the Dr Francis Moore methodology to compile the Astrological Data, where one million readers find incredibly accurate predictions. New in 2010, we bring you the Dr Francis Moore Astrological Data online. For a limited period only, we offer all online visitors a FREE account, click on the link below to sign up to a FREE account now:

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Dr Francis Moore does much more than looking at your zodiac sign because it gathers your personal details so that you can look much deeper into your own individual nature. What you are as a person is reflected in the time of day you were born and by the position of certain heavenly bodies such as the Moon and the other planets. Everything you are as an individual is captured within your Astrological Profile. Using the Astrological Data, you can get so close to the core of planetary influence that you can almost feel the subtle undertones that, in the end, have a profound bearing on your life and circumstances. Used in the right way, this allows you to maximise your potential, to strike whilst the iron is hot and to live a more contented and successful life. Using Dr Francis Moore's Astrological Data will make you more aware of what really makes you tick and is a fascinating way to register the very heartbeat of the solar system of which we are all a part.

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