Lady Diana - 1997 written 1995

"... a spectacularly successful start, she will gain superstar status - particularly in America."

There was talk of her leaving the UK because of her wonderful reception by Americans.

"By early summer she will alienate the UK Press Corps."

There was press anger about her manipulation of press contacts and photographers.

"In August she will experience an acute and seriously stressful moment."

She was badly hurt in Paris in August and died on her way to hospital.

"...In August a Royal row should develop that may lead to public attacks on the Queen and Prince Charles."

The public became critical of the Queen and Prince Charles because the Union flag was not flown at half-mast over Buckingham Palace.

And because the Queen did not come down to London from Scotland to be with her people.

The public thought this was disrespectful to the People's Princess.

This was a unique and very bad period for the Royal Family.

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