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The Astral Diary gives you a daily account of the way the stars and planets are having a bearing on your life and also lets you know how you can maximise your potential. Consulting the Dr Francis Moore Astral Diary will make you more aware of what really makes you tick and is a fascinating way to register the very heartbeat of the solar system of which we are all a part.

Dr Francis Moore has been searching the skies for centuries now, and the timeless truths of astrology are as relevant to the lives of millions of people today as they ever were. Modern astrology is not seen as a case of each of us waiting around for the forces of the universe to drop good or bad fortune into our laps. On the contrary, it is a complex series of generally subtle changes that have more to do with the way we look at the world and react to it.

The Dr Francis Moore website does much more than looking at your zodiac sign. What you are as a person is reflected in the time of day you were born and by the position of certain planetary bodies, you can find out your own Ascending sign and other planetary influences in our Ascendants & Planets section.

We have also used Dr Francis Moore's calculations to work out your own personal Weekly and Monthly Forecasts, as well as your personal Biorhythm. If you want to know whether a new romance is likely to blossom, be sure to consult the Dr Francis Moore Love & Romance Matrix. We hope you enjoy using this website and that you will find it both informational and fun.

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